Snow and Ice Challenges: How FLOE Boat Docks Stand Strong in Winter

Richter's Dock & Lift, a Platinum FLOE Dealership, installs and maintains docks and lifts in Central and Northwest Minnesota.

A Minnesotan must take care to protect their property against violent winter weather. That means bringing things that could be damaged by ice, wind and freezing temperatures indoors – or covering them with a tarpaulin, if they’re too unwieldy to fit inside a shed or garage.

Winter care for a roll-in or sectional dock is straightforward enough: just pull it in, disassemble it to the greatest extent possible, and stick it indoors or under a protective cover. It will be all ready to go once the weather becomes sunny and agreeable again.

But what about permanently installed docks, pontoon lifts, and other lakeside equipment that isn’t designed for quick and easy disassembly and storage? Do you just have to let nature take its course? You do. But thanks to FLOE International, you can rest assured your investment will stay intact and undamaged while winter is doing its worst. That’s because FLOE’s stationary dock and boat lift systems are outstandingly durable – precisely what a Minnesotan lakeside property owner needs in order to enjoy true peace of mind!


Strong Aluminum Construction

FLOE docks are made of heavy-duty extruded aluminum: built to endure constant abuse by the straight-line winds which constantly whip across frozen lakes. FLOE’s aluminum bridge truss design provides even greater stability, maximizes strength-to-weight ratio, and even lets choppy waves safely pass by underneath. And although aluminum can corrode, it is incapable of rusting – the reason why it maintains its structural integrity even after it has endured many years of exposure to the elements.


Rugged Decking

FLOE’s aluminum decking isn’t just available in two attractive color options. It is also maintenance-free: immune to rust and rot, so you don’t have to worry about sanding or the kinds of horrible injuries that would result if your dock were to give out under your family’s combined weight.


Steadfast Anchoring System

FLOE’s optional anchoring system features durable augers which securely embed themselves in the lakebed – the reason why it is rated for wind speeds up to 180 mph. That’s over 50 mph faster than the strongest gust of wind ever recorded in the state of Minnesota. With FLOE, the wind can do whatever it likes. Your dock and lift will stay exactly where you installed them.


Industry-Leading Warranty

FLOE stands behind their fine products, and proves it by offering generous warranty periods. If your FLOE accessories or components are damaged within 10 years of purchase, they are covered. Better yet, if your FLOE dock or lift’s aluminum structure breaks or wears out prematurely, you can count on FLOE’s 15-year warranty to set things right!

As a Platinum FLOE Dealership, Richter’s Dock & Lift is standing by to install the tough dock and lift you need to make full use of Otter Tail, Becker, Hubbard, Wadena and Todd Counties’ beautiful outdoors. We also provide professional year-round maintenance services, and are standing by to repair docks and lifts that have been damaged by hostile weather – regardless of the company that manufactured them. Contact us today for all your lakefront needs in Central and Northwest Minnesota!



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