Roll-In Docks


Easiest to Level


Maintenance Free


Anti-Sway Stability


Modular Design


East & Fast to Install & Remove

More people buy FLOE modular roll-in dock sections than any other in the world!

Why Our Dock Sections are Top-Of-The-Line

Every FLOE dock section has double-braced, anti-sway wheel kits that keep your dock more stable and can be used in deeper water than any other roll-in product, ensuring the safety of yourself and your family.

These wheel kits are adjustable, making them easier to handle and configure. Plus, with FLOE’s unique Quick-Connect system, you can customize your dock to perfectly fit your needs.

These docks can also easily be leveled with a cordless drill while standing on the dock, a far better option than having to level your dock by getting in the water.

Unparalleled Strength

Bridge-Type Truss

  • Highest strength-to-weight ratio available.
  • Open design allows large waves to flow through the dock section rather than pounding against it.
  • Webbing is welded on the inside for a sharp, clean appearance.

Strong, Maintenance Free Additions

Dock Shoreways

These have a bridge truss structure to match your other dock sections. Decking runs the same direction as the dock. They can be used with or without wheels.

Dock Wedges

Increases your deck space while making an attractive safe corner. They also make a great spot to attach a bench, ladder or furniture.

Shore-End Ramps

These ramps pivot to match up to any shoreline. It’s the perfect approach to your dock, as well as the most cost effective way to add length.

Sun Decks

FLOE sundecks offer you a spacious way to enjoy your time on the water. Many sizes are available to accomodate your needs.

Off-Season Storage

FLOE’s innovative modular design gives you the versatility not available on any other dock. Off-season storage is made simple by giving you the best of both worlds. You get the ease and user-friendly benefits of a roll-in dock combined with the compact storage benefits of a sectional product.


Dock sections can easily be pulled out and stored while still connected for quick and easy installation next spring.


FLOE’s Quick-Connect System allows dock sections to come apart quickly for off-season storage.

Create Your Own Roll-In Dock!

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