What Is a Lake Groomer, and When Do You Need One?

lake groomer

Is the lakebed surrounding your shore and dock infested by slimy, slippery weeds? The culprits can belong to several different species, including harmful invasive ones such as curly-leaf pondweed, starry stonewort and Eurasian watermilfoil.

Aquatic weeds aren’t just unpleasant to touch and look at. If they grow long enough, they can clog up an inboard or outboard boat motor’s intake. That may force the motor to run too hot, which in turn can cause its powerhead to lock up or its water pump to melt. And because they are continually growing, dying and decomposing, lake weeds also create extremely unpleasant muck.

Many lakefront property owners use aquatic herbicides to remove weeds, although these chemicals risk killing harmless plants in addition to fish. Some even hire scuba divers to manually pluck weeds from their lakebeds – an environmentally friendly solution, albeit a labor-intensive (and therefore expensive) one.

If you would like to remove weeds from your own lakebed without using chemicals or manpower, then your best solution is the Lake Groomer: a powerful, efficient and environmentally-friendly machine that rids any lakebed of annoying aquatic weeds and muck!


What Is the Lake Groomer?

In the simplest possible terms, the Lake Groomer is an underwater weed wacker. It has two primary components: its easy-to-install 0.167 HP electric motor, which can stand alone or mount directly to a dock; and its roller, which dislodges aquatic weeds and cleans loose sediment within up to a 48 foot radius around the motor.

Comparing a Lake Groomer to a weed whacker is unfair. The extensively engineered piece of technology boasts too many impressive features to be likened to a simple piece of landscaping equipment!

  • Adjustable – The Lake Groomer’s roller is comprised of multiple interconnected arms. Their joints each flex up to 3 degrees, and together they can clear up to a 280 degree arc around the motor. The Lake Groomer is available with 7 foot and 4.5 foot roller extension kits, as well as the connectors you need to customize the ideal weeding radius around your shoreline.
  • Versatile – Do you have a shallow shoreline? Not a problem for the Lake Groomer, which safely operates when the water surrounding the motor is up to 4.5 feet deep.
  • Convenient – The Lake Groomer includes a single dock bracket and base anchor that make installation possible without having to get into the water. The Lake Groomer can also be programmed to complete any number of cycles, so you truly can set it and forget it.
  • Safe – The Lake Groomer’s built-in short circuit protection and GFCI outlet compatibility both do their parts to prevent electrical mishaps.
  • Warrantied – The Lake Groomer is backed by an industry-leading warranty that covers three years or 12,000 cycles – whichever comes first.
  • American-made – Lake Groomer is a division of Eastside Machine Company, a roll-forming machine manufacturer that has been proudly headquartered in Fargo, ND since 1960.

Do You Need the Lake Groomer?

If you no longer enjoy swimming along your shoreline because of icky weeds and mucky lakebed, you need the Lake Groomer. If the aquatic weeds around your boat dock grow long enough to reach your motor’s intake, you need the Lake Groomer. And if you just want better aesthetics around your lakefront property – without relying on chemicals – then you need the Lake Groomer!

And if you live in Minnesota, you only need Richter’s Dock & Lift. We sell the Lake Groomer, and we’re standing by to tell you how it can revolutionize your experience at your home or summer getaway. Please contact us today to learn more about the ultimate solution to lake weed removal!




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