The Benefits of Professional Dock and Lift Installation and Removal

boat lift removal

Maybe you’re a passionate DIYer who never likes turning down an opportunity to DIY. Or maybe you don’t know the difference between a Phillips and a flathead, and you intend to keep it that way.

Either way, you stand to gain a lot by hiring a professional for all your dock and lift installation and removal needs. If you’re unfamiliar with docks and lifts, a pro will ensure you receive the best ones for your specific needs. A pro will spare you from receiving a dock-related injury, make certain your valuable lakeside equipment is correctly maintained, and also make it easy to start enjoying your waterfront as soon as you arrive at your vacation home.

Let’s review the benefits Richter’s Dock & Lift offers to full-time and seasonal residents of Minnesota’s Otter Tail, Becker, Hubbard, Wadena and Todd Counties!


Product Knowledge

If you’re installing a boat dock or lift for the first time, then it’s fair to guess you’ve never purchased one before, either. There are many things to consider before you commit to a dock: size, usage frequency, weight capacity, water depth, and lakebed quality, to name a few. And if you’re picking out a boat lift, you can’t risk buying one that isn’t actually capable of lifting your boat.

Whenever you engage a professional to install your dock or lift, you can depend on their industry experience. They’ll guide you toward the right products for your unique summer leisure needs.

A real pro will sell you the best products for your lakefront haven as well. Take Richter’s Dock & Lift, for example. As a Platinum FLOE Dealer, we offer a wide range of high-quality and American-made roll-in docks, sectional docks, floating docks and boat lifts. We also offer easy-to-install and low-maintenance floating docks and jet ski lifts by Snap Dock!



We couldn’t look you straight in the eyes and tell you that our job is as dangerous as roofing or firefighting. We’ve got it great, in all fairness, spending so much time surrounded by Minnesota’s gorgeous scenery as we do.

All the same, boat dock installation and removal aren’t without safety risks. We’re moving equipment that’s heavy enough to herniate a disc. We’re working around water deep enough to qualify as a drowning hazard by OSHA standards. We’re placing our fingers around things that could easily break them.

We feel safe in our work. We are trained, experienced, and just as tough as we are handsome. That’s why you’ll breathe a sigh of relief when we show up to do some work that could badly injure you.



You probably have a fairly predictable daily routine. Brush your teeth, comb your hair, have a glass of OJ, and so on. But installing a dock and lift for your boat? Not exactly something you do every Friday night.

When you choose a pro to put your boat dock together each spring, you don’t have to lose a minute out of your busy schedule. And if you’re getting your summer home ready for your grand arrival, a service like Richter’s Dock & Lift will spare you the inconvenience of doing a whole bunch of work during your precious vacation. Likewise, we can take care of all your boat dock removal needs after you’ve skedaddled back to your home in the city.



Maintaining your dock and lift isn’t as simple as installing and removing them each year. For example, routine lift maintenance includes lubricating moving parts, inspecting pulleys, cables and welds, and scraping off unwelcome zebra mussels.

Lift maintenance isn’t outside the abilities of a novice. But it is time consuming and requires effort, which are both fair reasons to just leave it to a pro. Likewise, you could inspect every board, crossbeam, nail, cleat and piling on your lakeshore dock – or you could just put a pro in charge of regular maintenance and free up your time for more pressing issues, such as deciding what you’re going to have for lunch.


Would you like expert assistance installing your dock and lift each spring – and stowing them both safely away once the summer fun has ended? Then we welcome you to contact Richter’s Dock & Lift today. Our experts are standing by to make life by the lake safe and hassle-free!



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