Storm Damage Recovery

boat lift repair

What is the most beautiful place in the world? You’ll get a lot of different answers to that question depending on who you ask – but the only correct answer is Minnesota. It’s the same state we’re so grateful to service for all its dock and boat lift needs.

But life in the Land of 10,000 Lakes isn’t all peaches and cream. We get our fair share of tornadoes up here, and Minnesota ranks third in the country when it comes to hailstorms. If you’re a lakefront property owner, you may wonder what you should do if a storm ever ravages your little piece of paradise. Worry not! Richter’s Dock & Lift’s storm damage recovery process is quite straightforward, so you’ll be back to enjoying full use of your personal port in no time flat.

  1. Recovery

You already know the old adage: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If strong gusts of wind have relocated your dock, lift or boat canopy – but otherwise left it undamaged – we’ll return it to shore and have it fully reinstalled in no time. Our barge can quickly flip boat lifts right side up. And even if the storm has damaged your equipment beyond repair, we’ll still retrieve it so as to save your lake from becoming a landfill.

  1. Assessment

Once we have recovered your equipment, we’ll thoroughly inspect it to determine what its reinstallation, repair and/or replacement would cost. Sometimes repair represents a more practical solution than outright replacement. Sometimes storm damage is irreversible. In either event, our straightforward assessment will equip you to make practical, cost-effective decisions.

  1. Insurance

We’re sure you would love nothing more than to engage in lengthy correspondence with your insurance provider – especially when the weather outside is beautiful, and the lakewater is as clear and smooth as a pane of glass. Even so, we’ll take care of the insurance claims process for you. Our office team is well-versed in all major insurance providers’ claims processes. That’s how we make our clients’ claims go quickly and smoothly, and also ensure that our clients are sufficiently reimbursed so they are made whole again.

  1. Removal

If any of your equipment is irreparable, then it’s not going to add very much to your property value by sitting on your shore. No worries! Our same barge which rotates boat lifts also lets us quickly remove them from the water. We’ll load up destroyed equipment and take it to a place where it won’t detract from your scenery. FLOE and several other dock manufacturers fabricate their products out of extruded aluminum. We make sure that metal and any other recyclable materials go to facilities where they can be reused. That’s eco-friendly, captain!

Call Richter’s When the Weather Clears

Restoring a shore until it’s once again ready for summer fun is easy when you have Richter’s on your side. If you own lakefront property in Minnesota, contact us for storm damage recovery as soon as the weather clears. We’ll repair and reinstall your existing equipment wherever it’s practical, and replace it as needed. As a platinum FLOE dealership, we deliver and install the highest-quality American-made replacement docks, lifts and canopies the market has to offer!



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