Storing Your Dock and Lift for the Winter

boat dock storage

Your dock and lift are vulnerable to all kinds of damage if they aren’t properly stored away during the winter. If they are kept too close to shore, then a dock and lift can both become damaged when the lake pushes ice into them. If the high part of the dock is facing the lake, then strong gusts of wind can easily topple it over. And if there are any trees around your dock, their trunks and limbs all pose serious threats of expensive damage during the wintertime.


Don’t jeopardize your investment and put your summer leisure at risk. Take the right steps to store your dock and lift this fall, and rest assured everything will be just as you like it next year!


First make sure all you lake equipment is stored far enough back on your property so a major ice push won’t come close to your equipment.  This works great if you have an area big enough to store all your equipment.  If you don’t we recommend barging your equipment out and putting it in a safe area.  The added expense will be well worth it.


Second make sure your docks are lowered down so wind can’t get underneath them and blow them over causing damage to other dock sections.  If that’s not possible make sure the high end of the dock is facing into land.  This will allow a wind coming across the lake to go up and over your dock without tipping it.

Third make sure your lake equipment is clear of any trees or weak branches.  Unexpected storms can topple trees and send unwanted branches down on your equipment.  Find an open area as best as you can or consider barging your equipment out to a safe area.  Bent aluminum usually can’t be straightened.


Remember: none of the generalized advice presented in this article is intended to contradict your dock or lift manufacturer’s instructions. Consult your manual for more exact guidance when it comes to maintenance!

Would you like expert assistance preparing your dock and lift for winter? Contact Richter’s Dock & Lift today! Our experts are standing by to make certain your valuable lakefront accessories remain safe all winter and work perfectly the rest of the year!



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