When “Lift” is in your name, you’d better offer a darn good one for sale. That’s why Richter’s Dock & Lift partnered with FLOE. The 40-year-old Minnesotan dock and lift manufacturer keeps our name synonymous with high quality.

FLOE ensures that our customers will make the best use of their precious lake time. A FLOE boat lift installs quickly, functions reliably, holds up against the elements, and boasts a few innovative features that make life a whole lot easier.

Which innovative features are those, you might ask? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why FLOE lifts stand ahead of the pack!


Easy-Level Legs

Every standard FLOE vertical boat lift features heavy-duty stainless steel fasteners, durable aluminum pulleys, and long-lasting cables. It also includes FLOE’s Easy-Level leg adjustment system, which allows for smooth travel of 30″ or more with nothing more than a cordless drill. Thanks to the Easy-Level system, you’ll be able to fully adjust your lift in a matter of minutes – and without getting wet.


Vertical Screw Drive Technology

The most energy-efficient vertical lift on the planet! FLOE’s drive train is quiet as a churchmouse: no shrill pings or annoying clicks while you’re trying to enjoy the serenity of your surroundings. The all-electric Vertical Screw Drive (VSD) operates around an industrial-strength ball-screw (rated for 20,000 cycles at 10,000 pounds) that raises and lowers in half the time of most other powered lifts. Control your lift via 30′ wired remote – or 300′ wireless remote, if you prefer to prepare from the shore.


Rugged Personal Watercraft Storage

Keeping your jet ski safe has never been easier! FLOE’s extra rigid personal watercraft (PWC) lift withstands all kinds of use and abuse thanks to its heavy-duty aluminum structure and pulleys, stainless steel fasteners and leveling cables, and bolt-together design that eliminates welding stresses. Choose the PWC-1300 or V-1600 for a single PWC docking solution, or the V-2602 if you wish to keep two PWCs high and dry using FLOE’s no-winch vertical lift technology.


Perfect Guide-In System

Whether you choose the Pro-Park, Precision Park or Perfect Park Guide-In system, you’re due to experience a whole new world of convenience the next time you dock your boat. FLOE’s intuitive guide-in systems are made of rugged aluminum, prevent any and all damage to the boat’s sensitive hull, and accommodate motorboats and pontoon boats alike. And once you’ve customized your guide-in with the ideal bunk system, you can rest assured your boat is fully supported.


Convenient Canopy

Do you want to protect your boat’s paint against UV light, and avoid having to set foot on a red hot deck ever again? Then you’ll appreciate FLOE’s high-quality boat lift canopy. Its deep framework and premium-grade solution-dyed fabric stand up to strong gusts. Its proprietary Quick-Clip attachment system always keeps the canopy taught, effective and presentable. Best of all, a FLOE canopy raises and lowers with the push of a button, so you can conveniently cover a boat with a tower or bimini top.

Whether you’re upgrading your existing boat dock – or building a brand new one – an innovative FLOE lift won’t just bring it to completion. It will bring it to perfection. We welcome you to contact Richter’s Dock & Lift today for service in Central and Northwest Minnesota!