Key Features of FLOE Boat & Pontoon Lifts

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If you own a boat, then you shouldn’t leave it in the lake any longer than you have to. Fresh water isn’t as corrosive as sea water, but it still gradually eats away at metal and damages fiberglass. Even aluminum hulls and pontoons aren’t safe from water corrosion!

Protecting your investment should be simple: just keep your boat on a lift whenever you aren’t using it. Unfortunately, many lifts make boat storage needlessly complicated and time-consuming. That’s why our team loves FLOE lifts. Their high-quality construction and convenient features make boat storage just as easy as it is important.

Here are the reasons why a FLOE vertical or pontoon lift represents the best investment you can make in your boat!


Strong, Yet Gentle

All FLOE boat bunks are made of sturdy and corrosion-resistant extruded aluminum. But thanks to the bunk’s interlocked vinyl cushioning, no part of that rugged frame will come into contact with the hull. FLOE’s maintenance-free vinyl will continue to keep your boat protected indefinitely.


Vertical Screw Drive Technology

A FLOE Vertical Screw Drive (VSD) lift makes boat storage truly effortless. It halves the amount of time you have to spend lowering and raising your boat. Its hyperefficient drivetrain is virtually inaudible. Its electric motor (available in 24-volt DC or 120-volt AC) requires very little maintenance. Its optional solar charging panel means you will never have to worry about dead batteries again! And thanks to the VSD lift’s optional wireless remote, you can prepare your boat for action before setting foot outside your cabin (30′ corded remote comes standard).

FLOE VSD lifts are available in a wide range of models, and can cradle everything from small speed boats to massive triple-hull pontoons.


Easy-Level Leveling System

Every FLOE vertical boat lift features its manufacturer’s patented Easy-Level system. It enables one person to adjust the lift to any height – quickly, and without using pins or getting wet. Just use a cordless drill to adjust a single nut inside the lift’s leg, and the lift will rise or lower to the ideal height in no time. A must if your favorite lake’s water level fluctuates over the course of the season!


Flawless Guide-in Systems

Docking a boat shouldn’t be nerve-racking. Thanks to FLOE’s intuitive guide-in systems, it never has to be. The Perfect-Park system comes standard with four pairs of guide-in bumpers (additional bumpers optional), which make docking a V-hull or pontoon boat a breeze. The Pro-Park system exclusively contacts the boat along its rub rail. Zero scuffing – just the perfect dock! And if you need extra help aligning your boat with its lift, the Precision-Park system provides equally abrasion-free guidance.


Solar Protection

If you add a FLOE canopy to your lift, your boat will be fully shielded against the sun by UV protected and urethane-coated premium solution-dyed fabric. Every FLOE canopy features the proprietary Quick-Clip System, which halves the amount of time manual installation and removal require, as well as the Elastic Tension-Belt system which creates a tight, tailored fit.


15 Year Limited Warranty

FLOE proudly stands behind their American-made products. That’s why each one of their boat lifts comes standard with a two-year parts and labor warranty, 10-year accessories and components warranty, and 15-year aluminum structure warranty.


As a platinum FLOE dealership in Perham, MN, Richter’s Dock & Lift is standing by to deliver and install the highest-quality boat lifts throughout the Otter Tail and Becker County area. Please contact us today to learn more about which FLOE lift system will give you the greatest value, or to inquire about our docks, canopies, water toys, and wide range of other products and services that all lake lovers need!



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