Guide-in & Bunk Systems

Guide-in systems, for a perfect landing every time.

Pro-Park™ Guide-in System

  • For boats 18′ or longer, Pro-Park™ has the ultimate “can’t miss” double entrance guide-in system.
  • If starts to guide your craft 20″ prior to the boat entering the lift and again as you enter the lift.
  • They are designed to be used in combination with another pair of single or double guide-ins at the front of the lift.
  • For smaller, easy-to-handle boats, you may opt for two pair of single or double guide-ins at the front of the lift.
  • Guide boats by its rub rail so it never mars or touches the hull.
  • Maintenance-free PVC guide tubes covered by SDP fabric.
  • Aluminum attachment framework with infinite width adjustment.
  • Sold in pairs or either single or double guide-ins.

Precision Park™ Guide-In System

  • Full length carpeted horizontal guides with vertical entry bumpers for initial contact.
  • Two additional vertical bumpers for final contract with boat’s rub rail for perfect alignment.
  • Adjusts vertically and horizontally for a perfect fit.
  • Available for all V and VSD lifts.

Perfect Park™ Guide-in System

  • The ultimate boat lift parking system comes standard with 4 pairs of guide-in bumpers. The track along the top lets you slide the guides anywhere to position them perfectly for your style of boat. Additional guides are easy to add if needed.

  • There are separate systems for V-hull boats and for pontoons. V-hull boat systems include 4 pairs of guides with 4 guides on each side. The pontoon Perfect Parks include 2 guides for each side and two guides on each side of the curved entry that helps guide you into the lift.

Motor Stop

  • Stops your boat in the same location every time.
  • Keeps your boat from floating through the lift.
  • Aluminum framework with vinyl bumper stops lower unit 27″ away from lift cradle.

Bow Stop 

  • Park right on the money, every time.
  • Adjustable to fit your watercraft.
  • Connects to dock in front of lift.

Cradle Pad Pivot Bunks

  • Supports and stabilizes hull.
  • Infinite vertical and horizontal adjustment.

FLOE maintenance-free bunk systems have optimum support.

Pontoon Full-Length Bunk/Guide-in System

  • A bunk and guide system all-in-one for water depths of 3 feet and greater.
  • Extended bunks begin guiding your pontoon 16″ before entering the lift.
  • Aluminum frame with maintenance-free vinyl guide.
  • Enables you to use your boat lift in shallower water because the bunks lift your boat by the frame instead of the pontoons.
  • Adjustable vertically and horizontally.

Full-Length Bunk System

  • Maximum boat hull support and stability.
  • Strong aluminum extrusion contours to boat hull for complete support.
  • Bunks can be offset towards dock for easy access in and out of your boat.
  • Infinite vertical and horizontal adjustment to accommodate most boat hulls.

Pontoon Cradle Bunk/Guide-in System

  • The ideal choice for water depths as low as 2 feet.
  • Four pair of 25″ bunks to hold pontoons firmly.
  • Aluminum frame bunks with maintenance-free vinyl surface are adjustable vertically and horizontally.
  • Four vertical guides for perfect positioning every time.
  • Guides are horizontally adjustable.

Advanced Hull System VSD 6500, 8000 & 10000

  • System incorporates six 30″ cradles to support the boat’s hull.
  • Cradles have a strong aluminum extrusion covered by a durable grey vinyl for maximum protection.
  • Four cradle pads are non-adjustable and form a keel pad for the bow and the stern of the boat.
  • Two of the cradle pads are adjustable and are designed to support the outside chine of the boat hull.
  • Infinite horizontal adjustment.
  • For inboard and v-drive boats, there is a four-cradle version available.



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