Floating Jet Ski Lifts

Safe, Durable & Convenient Jet Ski Lifts for Sale in Perham, MN

Do you want to keep your Jet Ski protected and accessible at the same time? Then you need the Floating Jet Ski Lift by Snap Dock!

Perfect for lakeside homes and resorts alike, the Floating Jet Ski Lift features a convenient two-piece design that makes transport and installation easy. Trust the durable Floating Jet Ski Lift’s slip-resistant and UV-inhibiting polymer resin surface to withstand years of frequent use, and dock any personal watercraft in an instant courtesy of the Floating Jet Ski Lift’s built-in bow stop and adjustable rollers.

Connect the Floating Jet Ski Lift to your existing Snap Dock system, line up multiple units side by side, or install one separately with anchor pipes – the choice is yours thanks to Snap Dock’s versatile design!

  • Module weight: 370 lbs
  • Module dimensions: 168″ x 59″ x 15″
  • Buoyancy per module: 1,750 lbs
  • Gray color is standard. Custom colors available by request.

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