How to Choose the Best FLOE Dock for Your Lakeside Property

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At Richter’s Dock & Lift, we don’t install a dock unless it’s one we can take pride in – as well as one that our client is certain to enjoy using for decades to come. That’s why we exclusively provide world-class aluminum dock systems by FLOE of McGregor, MN.

FLOE recently celebrated their fourth decade in business. They spent all 40 of those years manufacturing intensely reliable, outstandingly durable, and exceedingly attractive docks right here in the United States.

FLOE dock systems are the most stable on the market, with double-braced legs and welded tops that endure Minnesota’s famously strong winds without swaying or becoming any worse for wear. Their aluminum bridge truss design supports tremendous weight: a 4’x16′ dock has the capacity to safely bear 1,920 pounds (provided the weight is spread out evenly). Better yet, a FLOE dock’s Easy-Level legs are easy to adjust from the topside. No need to get in the water – just use your cordless drill.

FLOE docks truly are zero-maintenance. They feature aesthetically pleasing decking which only requires occasional soft brushing with detergent to remove stains caused by submersion. When they become stained very badly, aluminum alloy wheel cleaner is usually sufficient to clean frame components. At present, there are no reported issues resulting from zebra mussels. Truly an investment for life!

FLOE docks are available in three different styles: roll-in, sectional and floating. The best type of FLOE dock depends on the nature of your property and your unique needs. Here’s all you have to know in order to find your FLOE!


FLOE’s patented Quick-Attach roll-in dock features a hassle-free modular design that gives you total control over your lakeside retreat. It is perfectly suited for medium-to-hard bottoms with mild-to-moderate slope, and requires a depth of less than 9′ at the end of the dock. Ideal for spacious shore areas!


If you have limited storage space or prefer a dock that stays in the water year-round for other reasons, FLOE’s aluminum sectional dock is certain to exceed your expectations. It is optimal for hilly terrain and depths up to 6.5′. A sectional dock is also excellent for muddy lakebeds. And if you do choose to break it down in the autumn, you’ll love how little space its sections occupy once they’re stacked up.


Does your lakeside property border very deep water, an extremely soft or muddy lakebed, or a lake with a water level that frequently fluctuates? Once you’ve installed FLOE’s floating dock system – which is completely modular and easy to customize – you’ll never have to worry about what’s underneath it. FLOE confidently backs their durable foam-filled floats with an industry-leading 15-year warranty.

As a platinum FLOE dealership in Perham, MN, Richter’s Dock & Lift is standing by to deliver the rugged, attractive and convenient dock that will complete your lakeside home or cabin in Central, Northwest or Northeast Minnesota. Please contact us today to learn more about which FLOE dock system will give you the greatest value, or to inquire about our lifts, canopies, water toys, and wide range of other products and services that all lake lovers need!



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