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Newman Boat Lift


-1500# Lift Capacity

-20′ canopy frame, blue vinyl

-bed width of 93″

Porta Dock Boat Lift


-Porta Dock lift

-1500# capacity

-20′ foot canopy white

-bed width of 82″

Shore Master Boat Lift


-1500# cantilever boat lift

-electric ATV winch

-manual wheel and winch option

-22′ canopy fabric is white and is in fair condition

-bed width of 83″

Shore Master Lift A/C


-2500# lift capacity

-22′ canopy frame with a green vinyl canopy fabric, great condition

-A/C electric winch

-bed width of 95″

Shore Station Lift


-3000# lift capacity

-Manual winch

-22′ canopy frame with a vibrant yellow, like new, vinyl canopy fabric

-bed width of 86″

Vibo Boat Lift


-3500# capacity

-22′ maroon vinyl canopy fabric

-2 wheels

-bed width of 110″