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2017 Floe Boat Lift


2017 FLOE #3600 boat lift

Includes an electric winch, battery, and solar panel

32′ aluminum dock


-32′ aluminum dock

-4’x8′ sundeck

-includes bench, ladder, and 4′ ramp


40′ Steel Dock


-40′ steel dock with wooden decking

-cranks up and down

-4’x4′ sundeck

44′ Aluminum Dock


-44′ aluminum truss style dock

-wooden tops that are in good condition

-flag pole and bench

-4’x8′ sundeck

50′ wooden dock


-Consists of 5, 4’x10′ wooden dock sections, brackets, and legs

-4’x6′ sundeck/side section

-great for shallow water

-boards are in good condition

-ladder included


Boat Lift


-Small, steel boat lift

-1500# capacity

-Beach King winch

Porta Dock Boat Lift


-Porta Dock lift

-1500# capacity

-20′ foot canopy white

-bed width of 82″

Shore Master Boat Lift


-1500# cantilever boat lift

-electric ATV winch

-manual wheel and winch option

-22′ canopy fabric is white and is in fair condition

-bed width of 83″

Shore Master Lift A/C


-2500# lift capacity

-22′ canopy frame with a green vinyl canopy fabric, great condition

-A/C electric winch

-bed width of 95″